Saturday, October 05, 2013

"Baby I Wanna Be the One You Just Can't Do Without"

The few cuts I've heard from Duke Dumont have been on point to the point where I'd be awfully hesitant to take a shot at remixing them. For example, Duke's new one Need U 100% has a really funky electronic vibe to it that is really easy to listen to. Check the video below that gives a solid example of how to dance to tracks like it..

Yep, pretty solid track, but Dave Edwards' house remix of the track blows it out of the water. It takes the track up a notch energy wise, which makes all the difference. The song goes from being a solid contribution to a dance mix to the party starter. Serious dap is in order for Dave because he managed to improve on an already awesome track and do so in a way that will resonate with clubgoers who find themselves helpless to it's danceworthiness. Feel free and give him some love on hypem since he did his part to add a must listen new track to your weekend mix...#NeedU100

Duke Dumont feat A*M*E - Need U 100% (Dave Edwards Remix)


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