Sunday, October 20, 2013

"I'm Tellin' Everybody We All Got the Spark Tonight"

Sometimes it takes a dose of quirkiness to make a song unique and memorable. In this case it's the vocals provided by Spree Wilson that cause the listener to do a double take. Part of the allure comes from the aerobic-instructor style, overly poppy enthusiasm of his delivery, but the jubilant tone is what makes the vocals catch your ear. Usually Afrojack doesn't need anything out of the ordinary to make memorable music, but in this case, he's got a real shot at a #1 single because of it's quirkiness. In other words, the radio is going to eat this one alive and go back for seconds and thirds. The club edit is a little more abrasive than the Radio Edit, but however you choose to take this one in, you'll leave with the same fulfillment...#TheSpark

Afrojack feat Spree Wilson - The Spark (Afrojack Club Edit)


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