Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Icona Pop Gets Chainsmoked

What happens when you combine irresistible pop with loud, club echoing electronics? short, you get an upbeat song that you can openly wild out in the club to like The Chainsmokers remix of Icona Pop's Girlfriend. It's impossible not to appreciate the sassy, in your face lyrics, but the loud, show stopping synths drive home the wild and free spirit of the track. Pretty cool that nowadays folks are getting so creative with synths that they can have the power to be just as catchy as a spoken hook. It's like having catchy elements sprinkled throughout the track so the listener never wants to turn it off. Novel idea, isn't it? Cop it ---> Beatport

As icing on the cake, Alex and Drew put together a video for the track. Anyone who has ever been young and absolutely went HAMilton Boulevard on a knapsack full of Halloween candy after trick or treating will appreciate the video. It's like when your mind asks you, "wouldn't it be awesome if you ate all of that candy?" and the rational part of your brain happens to take a moment off, so your mind answers back "yes, yes it would" as you headfirst dive into the land of sugar. Like the video insinuates, never lose that urge to be a kid and go wild every now and again...#StayAKidForever

Icona Pop - Girlfriend (Chainsmokers Remix)


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