Monday, October 14, 2013

"Gimme That Old School Love Right Now"

I remember about a decade ago when soulful R&B hooks were used on a weekly basis to compliment meaningful Hip Hop verses. It was a great chapter in music history that really represented Hip Hop's growing influence on pop culture. Stripped down soulful tracks like Lupe Fiasco and Ed Sheeran's Old School Love happen so infrequently now that when they come along they really stand out.

Forget the easy-listening, rolling, piano driven beat and beautiful hook by Ed Sheeran, the verses are what elevate this track to greatness. Whether anyone wants to give him credit, Lupe is one of the best storytellers in the game. If you have any doubt how well he's able to craft a meaningful, thought provoking narrative, give his third verse on the track a listen. It's deep, well-delivered and thought provoking all at once. And is it just me, or does this track sort of support the whole "after this one I'm done" sentiment from Lupe? It has the mood of a nostalgic swan song, which is probably what makes it so alluring, but it makes you wonder if he really might hang up the mic after his upcoming Tetsuo & Youth album. Let's all collectively hope that the album as a whole is as thoughtful and well-written as his first single...#OldSchoolLove

Lupe Fiasco feat Ed Sheeran - Old School Love


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