Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Duck Sauce Just Got Bingo'd

I'm generally critical of well-known EDM acts remixing tracks by other well-known EDM artists. I'd equate the concept to adding dark chocolate to fudge. Both are great additions to any dessert, but when you put a dessert on top of dessert, it can be distracting.

Continuing with this food analogy (Chopped is on, give me a little leeway here), the remix by Bingo Players is like adding peanut butter to the chocolate syrup of Duck Sauce's Radio Stereo track. Instead of addition by subtraction, it accomplished the rare feat of addition by addition. This remix has a whole bunch of personalities, some channeling the original, others adding a heavy, club rocking elements. It's just huge stew of awesome that needs to be enjoyed at loud volumes...#RadioStereo

Duck Sauce - Radio Stereo (Bingo Players Remix)


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