Wednesday, October 09, 2013

"I'd Rather Have One Night, Than Nothin' Forever"

This week has shaped up to be a really dope week for new electonic music. Maybe it's my own personal tastes, but the influx of chill, uplifting electronic music has made me a happy camper of late. Below is a great example of how a mixture of well delivered vocals with a steadily building beat can lead to a really successful track. Tritonal surfaced on my radar this past year as an act that I really want to see live because their sound is so easy to digest and palatable.

Matter of fact, I'm gonna make it a point to check them out on Sirius XM's channel 52 (Electric Area) this Saturday at 2 PM as they host their weekly show. I'd be remiss if I didn't give some love to Phoebe Ryan for her emotional delivery of the melody on the track. It's a challenge for a track to remain memorable without well-delivered vocals, so tip of the cap to her on that. Only crappy thing is, we gotta wait til October 28th to cop it, bummer...#NowOrNever

Tritonal feat Phoebe Ryan - Now or Never


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