Saturday, October 12, 2013

A Relaxing Marriage of Folk and Electronic Chill

As EDM continues to extend it's seemingly never ending tentacles into other genres like Hip Hop, Pop and Indie music, I'm still getting the impression that there's much more cross-genre collaborating to come. With folk music's resurgence into pop music with the likes of the Lumineers, Mumford and Of Monsters and Men, the genre as a whole is becoming that band chick in high school that all the sudden became really attractive when you ran into her after college. Oh how the tables have turned, EDM used to be the cool kid in high school, now they're trying really hard to find ways to stand out since their popularity has worn off.

Quirky analogy aside, Thomas Jack managed to turn an inspiring folk track into a super chill track with the subtle use of electronics. On the remix, he chopped up the original vocals a bit, but didn't take away from the storytelling essence that made the original what it was. As a side note, I appreciate that his cover art matched the mood of the track. It's those little things that people who pay attention appreciate depth. Cool out to this one over the weekend y'all...#LittleTalks

Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks (Thomas Jack Remix)


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