Tuesday, October 01, 2013

"See the Necklace, My Life's a Completed Checklist"

Alright time to get down to the nitty gritty a bit on Drake's new album. Singles aside, there's little doubt in my mind that Tuscan Leather will continue to be the standout track on the album. In a world full of cookie cutters who think inside of the box, Drake went out and rapped over three unique beats in one of the longest album intros that I can remember. Respect to 40, Boi-1da and Nineteen85 for helping weave together three different beats into one track without it sounding too cut and pasted together.

The track is a reminder of why Drake's music reaches so many people. He puts thought into his verses that roll off the tongue and better yet, are repeatable enough for his audience to connect with them. Storytelling and Hip Hop have always gone hand in hand and the artists who ascend to the top of the mountain in Hip Hop are usually the ones who can lead you along a path by filling with anecdotes that listeners can hang onto. Shoot we didn't even know he had a deep falling out with Nicki Minaj til he told us on the track. Being able to open up to millions about something that personal, yet in the same sentence admit that she's always going to be there to ground him is a cool thing to hear. If you haven't listened to much Drake, this song is a good indication of what to expect both delivery and style wise from him. If you like any of the three parts of this track, you'll be able to find a whole slew of tracks by him that will suit your tastes.

Early indications are that Nothing Was the Same is going to sell about 658,000 copies the first week. Will he be reach platinum status by next week? The sheer fact that it's a possibility should say enough...#NWTS

Drake - Tuscan Leather (prod by 40, Boi 1-da & Nineteen85)


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