Thursday, October 17, 2013

Flux & Dillon Chop It Up

Now that the proliferation of electronic music onto the pop culture music scene is all but complete, I guess it's up and time to start diving into the sub-genres of EDM. Tonight's feature, moombahton, which is the half reggae/half house sound that Dillon Francis' continues to champion. I've personally learned from Major Lazer that reggae does in fact mix well with synthesizers (cue up Jah No Partial), but the kicker with I'm the One is the deep bass that Flux Pavilion brings to the table. It's a whole mish-mash of high and low pitches that has the potential to get a whole lotta people out of their seats. If you're a fan of moody electronic music that has the ability to take on multiple personalities within a four minute span, you'll enjoy this little burst of energy...#ImTheOne

Flux Pavilion & Dillon Francis - I'm the One


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