Saturday, October 19, 2013

"You Be My Magic Number"

Is it me or has Australia been pumping out some solid EDM of late? First it was The Stafford Brothers, now it's The Potbelleez. On their breakthrough single below featuring Bobby Ray, they mash together EDM and Hip Hop with a pop rock hook. I'll admit, there were moments during the first minute of the track that made me want to turn it to the next track. Their best move to date was including B.O.B. on the track because it forced me to be patient with the track and not write it off as just another electronic track. The Hip Hop, drum and bass element saved the track from being boring and instead made it interesting. Check the lyric video below...
Magic Number hit iTunes yesterday if you're interested in copping it. If you're not into Hip Hop at least give the four second vocal ride out at the 3:03 mark on the track. Dude held his note for more than a few moments there to take the track home...#MagicNumber

The Potbelleez feat B.O.B. - Magic Number


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