Friday, May 03, 2013

Videos of the Week May 3rd

Takinig a trip back to funny this week with the hilarious Dove Real Beauty parody done by AdHocVids. If you haven't seen the original Dove Real Beauty commercial, you should watch that one first to gain an appreciation for the humor. #Balls humor aside, Chris Brown released his weekly video, Sean Kingston is getting back in the mix, summer festival promos are still in season and Jay-Z's 100$ Bill track is gaining momentum as most sought after track on the internet. The question is now becoming, is the Great Gatsby Soundtrack one of the most well constructed soundtracks since the millennium (when soundtracks used to be cool)? #GatsbySoundtrack.
Dove Real Beauty: #Balls (Parody Video)

Chris Brown - I Can't Win (Video)

The Great Gatsby TV Trailer (feat Jay-Z's new 100$ Bill track)

Sean Kingston feat Chris Brown & Wiz Khalifa- Beat It (Video)

Mad Decent Block Party Promo


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