Monday, May 13, 2013

The Day Everyone Got Their RAM

Well now that Daft Punk's new album has finally leaked four days before the official release, Daft Punk did what they could do today by allowing everyone to stream the entire album on iTunes. All you need to do is go to iTunes and click View in iTunes and you can hear the entire album. Kudos to the music industry for adapting to the new culture of music on the internet and realizing that if there is a physical copy of the album somewhere on a truck, it has probably fallen off that trunk already, been ripped and made readily available to everyone on the internet.

After one full lap around the album, I'm still trying to wrap my head around the sound of the album. By new EDM standards, it's definitely not an electronic album. It's more of an intricately composed funk album with a bunch of electronically amplified vocals. It's way more mellow than it is exciting and it's packed to the brim with grown and sexiness. If you were to ask me to pick a quick favorite, I was most intrigued by DP's collaboration with Indie superstar and Animal Collective founder Panda Bear. The simplicity and funkiness of the track is addictive. Panda's vocals are a stark contrast to Daft's usual lyrics and the synth breakdown around the 2:30 mark is pretty cool too. Pretty fun track overall, but it's one man's opinion, go over and pick a favorite yourself on iTunes...#RAM

Daft Punk feat Panda Bear - Doin' it Right


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