Thursday, May 23, 2013

"I'm Headed to the Moon Cause the World Screwed Up"

Now more than ever, an important first step in making a name for yourself is an album quality debut mixtape. Nowadays, if you're a rising star in Hip Hop, it's not uncommon to have the industry clamoring for a mixtape as if it were a studio album. Enter Travis Scott, who has had Hip Hop heads eagerly anticipating his debut Owl Pharaoh mixtape for the past year. Aside from being named to XXL's Freshman Class of 2013, he has managed to get my attention by working with the likes of Chuck Inglish and of course being co-signed an an artist by T.I.'s Grand Hustle as well as producer for Kanye's G.O.O.D. Music label.

After one lap around his debut mixtape, I've got my thumbs behind my chips leaning forward to declare that I'm all in on him. It's abundantly clear that Travis is cut from the same cloth as Kanye and Cudi in that he has a knack for the aesthetics of production and a similar lyrical style and delivery. The mixtape as a whole is impressive, but no track caught my attention more than Dance on the Moon. Having now learned that Travis is from Houston, the track below is less of a surprise, but it's just as dope. Quick caveat, I've been on board with screwed and chopped music since Robert Davis was shaping Southern Hip Hop over two decades ago. Knowing that, you can understand why my jaw almost hit the floor around the 3:15 mark on the track below. The beat goes from 100 mph to like 45 mph in a matter of seconds and gives way to a flawless Paul Wall verse. Bottom line, it's in your best interests to go and cop his debut tape for free simply because of how well put together each and every beat is on it...#OwlPharoah

Travis Scott feat Theophilus London & Paul Wall - Dance On The Moon


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