Wednesday, May 08, 2013

"Everything Reminds Me of You, I'm Losing My Mind"

I've waxed poetic multiple times about how much I enjoy the duo of Gilbere Forte and his producer extraordinaire Raak. Sort of the way Emile Haynie helped create Cudi's original sound, Raak has consistently delivered unique, attention grabbing instrumentals for Gilbere to shine on.

The track below immediately caught my attention because of the eerily somber and dramatic tone that the beat and Active Child's vocals created. There's plenty of vigor and frustration in Gilbere's delivery that eventually culminates with an eruption of honesty as he states his real feelings at the end of the track. Nolita will serve as the second single off his upcoming Pray album due out on May 15th. Shout out to Epic Records for signing Philly's most underrated artist to a record deal...#Nolita

Gilbere Forte feat Active Child - Nolita (prod by Raak)


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