Sunday, March 17, 2013

"Don’t Stop, No One’s Ever Enough"

Going on a year now I've continually heard @HAIMtheband's name bandied about throughout the blogosphere. I'm not going to pretend I know anything about their music yet, but what I do know is that when they start collaborating with some of my favorite artists, I'm going to start paying closer attention. That came a little over a week ago when @ducidni announced that he has a track on his upcoming album with Haim and @Hit_Boy...(Antennae goes up...).

Which brings us to the track at hand, feel free to grab a bite of the original version of Falling before diving into the dope remix...
Simple put, these three sisters and a drummer have a refreshingly unique style. It's a completely coin flip whether the remix below that @DukeDumont put together is as good as the original. What I do know is he did a great job of extracting the catchiest part and taking it up a notch in danceworthiness, but both versions are great in their own right. Key takeway, Haim is officially on my radar and they should be on yours too...#Haim

Haim - Falling (Duke Dumont Remix)


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