Sunday, March 31, 2013

"I Could Eat You Up, That's Greedy Love"

Good news everyone, Bobby Ray is coming out with a new album soon. If B.O.B.'s upcoming album stays the course as a Rock EP, this track below wouldn't make the cut, but it's available to download for free on his latest F*** 'Em We Ball mixtape. The reason why it's worthy of being sharing is because animation extraordinaire Andrey Shushkov provided a fun story visual to match the sentiment of Greedy Love...
I could see the track making some waves on radio as all the greedy pop lovers come out of the woodwork. Either way the visuals were well scripted and I can at the very least appreciate that. No word yet on when his new album is due out, but I'm intrigued at what it's going to sound like...#HustleGang

B.O.B. - Greedy Love (prod by Sonny Digital)


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