Thursday, March 21, 2013

"No Guns Are Allowed in Here Tonight"

Even though fans of Hip Hop will never fully get used to referring to The Doggfather as Snoop Lion, his gradual transition into the realm of reggae is gaining steam. Without a doubt, the best decision he has made throughout his transition from Hip Hop to reggae was to enlist the production help of Major Lazer on his upcoming album Reincarnated. That point couldn't be emphasized enough on his new waaaayyy cooled out track below featuring a verse from Drizzy and Snoop's daughter Cori Broadus.

With current events like the never ending gun violence in Chicago and gun legislature dominating newscasts, it's a little refreshing to hear the other side of the story ever now and then. Sure, it's one new track amid a sea of many, but with the high powered names on the track, hopefully it will serve as a reminder that there is another perspective out there. The best part about the track is that it produced a thoughtul, introspective verse from Drake, which has been a rarity in the past twelve months. As long as you don't expect to hear Bob Marley or Johnny Osboure when you listen to Snoop Lion, you're going to be impressed when Snoop gets Reincarnated on April 23rd...#NoGunsAllowed

Snoop Lion feat Drake & Cory B - No Guns Allowed (prod by Major Lazer)


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