Thursday, March 07, 2013

"All Sweaters Inside of Luggage, You Gotta Love It"

Like a clique who knows they're on top of the game, @drake's fam took to the OVO blog and let loose a freebie that will not be on Drizzy's upcoming album Nothing Was the Same. On the track Drake spits mercilessly over a @boi1da and @VINYLZ beat in a straight pissed off, aggressive manor that continues his tone on Started From the Bottom. I'll admit, I like this one a little more than his previous effort, but the constant verbal barbs and tough talk isn't a direction I had hoped he go toward on his new album. All artists' music evolve and when you're constantly stepped to like he is, I can imagine why he'd want to come at everyone and stick his chest out lyrically.

If you're expecting a 5 AM in Dallas, it's going to fall short of those expectations. I enjoyed the @DICERAW shout out off top, it was a fitting comparison because Drake's tone did have the vigor of a track like Thin Line. Not as entertained was @TeflonTom, who now needs to change his number after the recent shout out. Best part about it, it looks like @JManziel2 has joined the @welcomeOVO revolution recently, sporting a new purple owl on his Twitter profile (below). Game respect game, the lore of Johnny Football continues to grow legs...#Pimpin

Drake - 5AM in Toronto (prod By Boi-1da & Vinylz)


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