Wednesday, March 13, 2013

araabMUZIK Goes Motion Picture On It

When it comes to experimenting with sounds and samples, you won't find more of a chef than @araabMUZIK. If you told him his music sounded like anybody else's, my guess is he'd kick you in the face for spitting such blasphemy. Personally, I appreciate that he's starting to venture into the synth heavy EDM material with a lot of the beats he's been putting out recently. I'm still digging his I Remember remix @deadmau5 and @kaskade's collabo together from his Electronic Dream mixtape.

If you're a movie buff, you'll appreciate the intro to the track below, which actually samples the opening Dolby Digital sound effect. Real talk, araab deserves some love for all the music he's been puttin' out lately. In case you missed it, he just released his For Professional Use Only mixtape last month and it's full of audio goodies like Runaway Bass...#MotionPicture

araabMUZIK - Motion Picture


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