Sunday, March 03, 2013

"You're the One That I've Been Searching For, Joy"

Back in October @RyanMcDMusic made a splash with his G.O.O.D. Music debut single Paradise. I swung and missed posting it, so if you're like me and missed it, check it out below...

It shouldn't surprise many people that the best Hip Hop record labels like @G_O_O_D_Music and Young Money are expanding beyond just Hip Hop into Pop and EDM by recruiting artists like @itsKevinRudolf and @HudMo. If I were asked to compare Ryan McDermott to say...Kevin Rudolf, I'd say they both compete in the same Pop realm with Ryan taking more of the R&B/Jazz style, while Kevin takes a more alt rock approach. Ryan's new one below has a breezy, calypso R&B vibe to it with @Hit_Boy pitching in a verse and production on the track. It's harmonious, uplifting and shows off Ryan's vocal potential quite well. Hopefully artists like Ryan can help fill this gaping void of talent in R&B right now...#Joy

Ryan McDermott feat Hit-Boy - Joy (prod by Hit-Boy)


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