Thursday, March 28, 2013

"Love and Respect for My Peers, Man"

Wait a minute, Danish electro pop meets Atlanta Hip Hop? Say whaaat? Count me in for that craziness, especially when the end result is something that sounds like Cypress Hill. When Saints Go Machine's new one featuring Killer Mike has a grimy, 90s rap sounding head nod worthiness to it that's throwback as hell. Check the obscure video below for the track...

Who in the world knows how this collaboration came to be, but it's pretty dope in it's own right. And Killer Mike isn't afraid to shout them out either...
Even better, they managed to get the track on US iTunes, which is no small feat and something a lot of European artists forego. Can't say whether or not these guys will be a one hit wonder on the blog, but they've surved their purpose today and their upcoming album Infinity Pool might be worth a listen when it drops in late May...#LoveAndRespect

When Saints Go Machine feat Killer Mike - Love and Respect


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