Saturday, March 23, 2013

"For Once There is Nothing Up My Sleeve"

I'm about two months tardy on the track below, but I don't watch the HBO Original Series Girls and my exposure to pop music is limited, so tracks like Fun.'s Sight of the Sun sometimes slip by the goalie. Even worse, I'm guilty for not giving Fun.'s latest classic effort, Some Nights, the publicity it deserves. Luckily, the Grammy's had my back, so now they're a household name, but I fear that the track below slipped through the cracks since it hasn't made it to radio or been prominently featured on an album.

As a quick aside, you may not have noticed that they are going on an epic world tour this summer. I say epic because they had to zoom out to the globe view to mark all of the places they are going this summer. Sadly, they have yet to mix their new ballad below to their set lists, but I'm betting that may change once the US part of the tour starts...#SightOfTheSun

Fun. - Sight Of The Sun


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