Friday, March 08, 2013

Videos of the Week Friday March 8th

More entertainment than music on this week's round of videos. The LiteralMSPaint of Thrift Shop might be the early front runner for video of the year honors. You could watch that thing 10 times and still miss some really creative visual language, which is why it's deserving of such high praise. After watching @adidas's new @LeoMessi1987 commercial, I'm now eagerly awaiting @HudMo's new single, Monte Fisto. Here's to hoping Hangover 3 is more like the original Hangover, rather than the huge let down of Hangover 2. Cheers to @kendricklamar for winning MTV's Hottest MC in the Game and I'm not sure about you, but Will Smith's new Sci-Fi flick looks pretty interesting...#After Earth
@macklemore's Thrift Shop Literal MSPaint Version
Messi Adidas Commercial Feat @HudMo's New Single Monte Fisto

Hangover 3 Trailer

After Earth Trailer

Kendrick Lamar Finds Out He's the Hottest MC in the Game


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