Wednesday, March 20, 2013

"I'm Learnin' Fast That Recognition is its Own Drug"

"You there when it's bright, better be there when it's dark
You wasn't there for the ride, don't be there when I park"

When @JoeBudden is depressed and/or going through some trials and tribulations personally, that can only means good things for his music. Similar artists like @ducidni, @eminem and @drake have emotional expression embedded in their musical DNA, which results in inspirational, deeply personal verses that have always struck a chord with me. This may come off as wrong, but I'd much rather hear an artist wax poetic about why some chick broke your heart or how they were personally abused than hear about all the money, cash, clothes, and bottle poppin' they do on a daily basis. It takes balls to share your deepest inner personal thoughts, which is why artists that have the confidence to do it deserve more respect in my opinion than those who don't.

(gets down off high horse) the above preface leads nicely into Joey's new inner monologue Castles off his recent album No Love Lost. You can't teach the type of creative symbolism, metaphors and overall storytelling ability that he puts on display in his own melancholy way. Lord only knows if his life is as drama filled as he makes it seem, but the way he delivers it, I'd buy it. Y'all may not enjoy the depressing tone like I do, but ever since Whatever It Takes, I've been hooked. Check the visuals if you are so inclined...#MoodMuzik

"What's supposed to happen when I'm not hot anymore?
Your job rely on me being crazy, but what if I'm not anymore?"

Joe Budden - Castles (prod by Vinylz)


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