Saturday, February 11, 2012

Javier Colon Covers Adele's Someone Like You (Live)

For the first time in quite a while I attended a concert that wasn't marked by high energy craziness (i.e. deadmau5, volbeat, ratatat, LCD Soundsystem). Instead, it was an intimate, acoustic setting where three talented individuals took the stage with not much more than a guitar and a piano. I'm going to keep my commentary short today because a more long winded review of the concert is going to follow in the next week when I'm able to get all of the media posted. I rarely let the cat out of the bag before doing a thorough review, but when @javstwtr covers @officialadele on stage for the first time and does a solo acoutic rendition of her hit Someone Like You, I'm willing to break protocol.

I'd consider it one of the many highlights of the show and a welcome surprise as part of the three song encore. I don't need to dress it up at all, the only thing I'm really urging you to do is press play below and give it a listen. Absolutely amazing and something that I was fortunate to witness in person...#Speechless
Javier Colon Covers Adele's Someone Like You

Feel free to check out Javier's new album title Come Through For You on iTunes


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