Thursday, February 02, 2012

"I'm Leanin' Like a Kick Stand"

I'm as guilty as the next man when it comes to falling for sugar coated, repeatable Hip Hop anthems. I've been wanting to post the track below for a while, maybe close to two months, but I kept thinking to myself, do I really like this song? I mean really, actually like it? The answer to that is probably yes and no 50% of the time, but today I heard @StueyRock on Sirius XM 44 (Hip Hop Hits XL) on my way home and thought to myself, ya know what...tonight it's gettin' posted.

At this point I feel comfortable categorizing Leanin' with the Rack on Racks of the world. The type of track that you hate to love and hate that every time it plays, you can't help but turn it up. Shouts out to @honorablecnote on the beat and sexy tag line at the beginning. Heads up for plenty more from Stuey Rock, who is rubbing shoulders with a lot of your favorite Southern Hip Hop artists and producers like @reallilscrappy, @roscoedash, @therealjuicyj, @YoGottiKOM and even one of my favorites who doesn't get enough love, @djmontay. If you like what you're hearing below and would like more of a main course rather than an appetizer, feel free to check out his latest mixtape Feature Presentation.

Either way, pour it up and slow it down...#PintOfLeanOnDeck

Stuey Rock - Leanin' (prod by Honorable C-Note)


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