Friday, February 24, 2012

Videos of the Week Feb 24th

Great mix of different content this week with a classic @nbcsnl skit, some top notch concert videos featuring @kanyewest and @drake, ending with a @jlin7 interview where he shouts out his favorite music types. It's probably a toss up for me for most noteworthy video on this post, but it'd have to be between seeing @chuckisdope and @asherroth in studio working on music together and seeing Drake in concert. It's been too long since I've seen him live and I still haven't gotten out post Thank Me Later, so there's a lot I have to still see. I'm still trying to see @THECOOLKIDS in concert five years later, but hope to catch them opening for your boy @macmiller this spring.

As a little spoiler alert, it's looking like my concert tour this spring is going to be heavy on the electronic/dubstep. Maybe a little @nerouk, possibly some @bassnectar and most likely some @skrillex...#StayTuned
SNL Sketch Jay-Z Beyonce Baby & Justin Timberlake Plays Bon Iver

Chuck Inglish in studio with Asher Roth

Drake Performing Yolo in Nashville

Drake Performing We'll Be Fine in Nashville

Drake Performing HYFR in Nashville

Kanye's 7 Min Say U Will Freestyle in Australia (Funny/Autotune)

Jeremy Lin Listens to Mellow Christian Rock


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