Wednesday, February 15, 2012

"Cause We Just in the Club Getting MC Hammered"

Is it a little weird for me to hear a trap all-star like @YoungJeezy do a track whose hook includes the phrase "Baby you can have whatever you like, the tooth fairy?" I'll let that rhetorical question simmer a bit because you already know how it tastes, but admittedly, that line turned me off of the original version of I Do for quite a while. I guess if you're going to embrace pop to sell some records, might as well jump in head first, right?

I'm mostly half-hating because I'm not the biggest Jeezy fan in the first place and I feel like I've gain an even greater appreciation for Andre Benjamin's verse with every listen. Three Stacks put his foot in the door for me to like it, then @drake went ahead and kicked it open with his verse below. I'll let you follow along as you press play below...
I do, I do, I do, I do
Unh, Please put away the cameras
Cause we just in the club getting MC Hammered
And God forbid we ever trade our wisdom for the glamor
And I know I'm just a boy that a woman could make a man of
So make me one, I know that you can make me one
I just want a woman that looks 30 when she's 81
Please don't give it all away, I hope that you can save me some
The more they pass they heart around, there more jaded that they become
But this one special, so I make sure my suit will fit
The one my daddy wore in June of '85, I'm too legit
I'm just tryna get her in the mood
And having her doing all the things she'd only do when she get married
So let's do this sh**
Tell the reverend, all we missing is his blessing
Because before she popped the pu**y, she need me to pop the question
So we exchanged vows, they clapped, we take a bow
And she'll be doing tricks for daddy, when we take it to the house...
I know what you're thinking. Drake would be the one to try and marry a stripper, right? Not the first or last time we'll hear talk of that on one of his verses, but I can appreciate his candor for being ambitious enough to even entertain such an unspeakable proposition. Therein lies his underlying appeal, he can see eye to eye with the common man who think those crazy thoughts. It's not traditional Hip Hop because no rapper in their right mind would admit to such "feelings" on a track. I say cheers to treating women with respect and take note failed Hip Hop culture, the whole bitches and hoes talk is so last decade...#IntelligentRap

Young Jeezy feat Drake Jay-Z & Andre 3000 - I Do (Remix)


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