Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Afrojack is Unstoppable

Having been stricken with a sudden affliction for @avicii, it's been easy to lose sight of other great elctro house DJs like @djafrojack. Like any soon to be club hit, his new single Can't Stop Me is half electronic house, half pop with the vocals provided by @shermanology. If you haven't heard of Shermanology, I'd invite you to check out their own brand of crazy dance music on a track like Only Love Can Save Me.

I've argued before and will continue to claim that it doesn't really matter what woman you plug in on a great dance beat because as long as they have a decent vocal range, they can deliver the mail. That's not to take away from the effort put in by Shermanology because I'm now listening to their music as a result of the track below and their other song with Afrojack titled Grindin'. All I gotta say is put together a good four bar hook and hit a few high notes and you're golden.

A little tip...don't give up on the track at the 3:04 mark because it picks right back up seven seconds later. That one got me the first time and you're missing out on half the track if you get impatient like me. Simply put, this will make cardio go by quicker tomorrow, which is why you should get like me and drag it to your newest playlist. Oh you don't make playlists? #GetWithTheTimes

Afrojack feat Shermanology - Can't Stop Me (Club Mix)


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