Sunday, February 12, 2012

We'll Miss You Whitney

"If I should die this very day (very very very day)
Don't cry, 'cause on earth we wasn't meant to stay
And no matter what the people say (really don't matter)
I'll be waiting for you after the Judgement Day"
It doesn't get much worse when you see social networking start to blow up with fresh news of a celebrity death. Maybe it was because she was younger, but for some reason Whitney Houston's death hit me a little harder than Michael Jackson's death. Neither deaths were really a surprise due to the harsh lifestyles they were rumored to have lived. Put it this way, and I mean this in the most respectful way possible, when someone like Pimp C (who passed away due to an overdose of codeine) writes a song called Bobby and Whitney because everyone will immediately know that you are referring to cocaine, you're living your life on the wrong side of the tracks. ("I got Bobby by the pound, Whitney by the key" - Pimp C)

Even though the proof was in the (white) pudding (mix) and her fate was somewhat sealed as soon as she started going down the wrong path, nothing can EVER take away from her contribution to generations of music. She shaped the way we view R&B singers and helped set the bar vocally for decades to come. What I enjoyed most about her music was that it was always uplifting and positive. From I Wanna Dance With Somebody to I'm Every Woman to It's Not Right But It's Ok to I Will Always Love You, the message was always in some way inspirational.

The aforementioned tracks can all be considered classics, but my personal favorite track of hers has to My Love Is Your Love. I'll be honest in saying when I was watching the video again today, I got a little choked up when I saw her looking so healthy in the video and hearing her sing about death and waiting for the judgment day. It becomes eerie real quick and makes you really appreciate life when you think about it. The lives you've touched through your music are countless, thank you again for all you've given us through the years...#RIP

Whitney Houston - Your Love is My Love


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