Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Artist Spotlight: Connor Willett

I'll start by saying you wouldn't think that a blog who advertises itself as a place to hear "What's Next in Hip Hop and R&B" would be an appropriate forum to discover new acoustic music. But then again, the fact that you don't know what flavor you're going to get from me on daily basis could be a good thing and I'm betting that a lot of you who decided to subscribe to my RSS feed (shameless plug) probably share the same wide range of musical tastes. Whether it be Indie, Hip Hop, R&B, Dubstep, Electronic, Dance, Pop or even Acoustic/Rock, I am a fan of meaningful music, which is why I write about it daily.

I felt like that introduction was necessary before I introduce you to a new artist from my hometown of Bloomington, Indiana name Connor Willett. I'd characterize his sound as an easy listening blend of mellow, acoustic folk that is highlighted by his raspy, but melodic vocals. Feel free to watch him in action below performing a solo acoustic version of track Hobo Song with the production assist going to @winkypc...
Hobo Song
During the same session, he also performed his track Life in Reverse, which is just as chilled out as the song above. Although he can hold his own flying solo, he may be better known as a the vocalist/guitarist from the bluegrass inspired collective Jack Daddy Sunrise. I find it really hard distinguishing their style from the sound that @MumfordOfficial made popular recently. Anytime a banjo and fiddle are involved, there's always limitless potential in my mind.

Word has it Connor is working on his solo debut project that is set to be released in 2012. I'm hoping that my favorite track of his to date, Float Back, will be included on that effort, but only time will tell. Give it a listen and if you're interested in more of his music, feel free to visit his Connor's YouTube Channel for updates.

Connor Willett - Float Back


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