Monday, February 06, 2012

Madonna and LMFAO Party Rock the Super Bowl

Going into last night's Super Bowl, I had very low expectations for the event and game as a whole. So I did what any other American would do and gamble to make it interesting. I had posted a couple times this past week how much I really wished both teams could lose because Giants rank up there with world's most annoying fan base and The Pats...let's just say they're always favored so what's the point of cheering for them unless you're from Boston? Needless to say I was mostly paying attention to watch the entertaining, buzz-generating commercials while simultaneously following up on the mostly random single dollar wagers I had made on various *mostly random* events like who wins the coin toss, who gets the first sack, how many field goals total, how many beer commercials, etc. Despite not winning one random bet the whole night (hard to do) and witnessing an extremely boring game (serious lack of exciting plays), I'd say the halftime show was a big bright spot.

Put it this way, when you follow the Black Eyed Peas from last year, it can be nothing but better. Still, Madonna wasn't all that enticing of a draw to me and I figured it would be mostly oldies that would keep the 30 and older crowd happy and give women a decent reason to pay attention while all the men completely disregarded the show. Before I comment, if you haven't watched the twelve minute and change halftime show, please feel free to press play below. I waded through countless terrible quality videos to find the decent one below, so feel free to appreciate if you'd like...

Yep, I didn't see all those cameos coming out of left field and I sure as hell didn't think she'd mix in much more than the oldies. I couldn't have been more wrong as @nickyminaj, @_m_i_a_, @ceelogreen and @lmfao joined her on stage for what ended up being a really solid, high energy halftime show. I'm not one to give effusive praise to a performance that I didn't think was going to be good from the start, but this would be the exception to the rule.

Even better, a remix of Madonna's lead single off her new album MDNA (due out March 26th) seemed to have surfaced in the past day, piggy backing the hype surrounding their performance last night. Hey might as well get it while the gettin' is good right? To be honest, I'm not a big fan of the middle school cheerleader anthem sounding original version of Give Me All Your Lovin', but I won't hesitate to rock out to the remix. Don't be shy with it shake your junk to it like the naked M&M last night...#BestCommercial

Madonna feat LMFAO - Give Me All Your Lovin (Remix)


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