Monday, February 27, 2012

"My Shadow Days Are Over Now"

It's been a little over two years since John Mayer pulled together an album, which makes today's release of his new single an even bigger breath of fresh air. Shadow Days is slated to be the lead single off his upcoming album Born and Raised, due out sometime in 2012.

Why reinvent the wheel if you're travelling faster than everyone else who is walking? That's my response to the music critic who says Shadow Days is just like any other, slow, twangy Mayer track. It's got what you'd expect from the lament soaked lyrics, to the bluegrass inspired piano and guitar riffs behind soft vocals. Smart is what I'd call launching a landing page on your site the day that your first single leaks. It's interesting to note, he's shying away from the arenas in favor of more intimate auditorium venues. I've seen John in concert I want to say three times in the past decade and every time, it was a big huge sold out show. I'm intrigued at the thought of him choosing to go a quieter, more reserved route on his upcoming tour.

My only request is FREE DAVID RYAN HARRIS!!! He's on my concert bucket list and when I witnessed Ernie Halter's cover of Pretty Girl, it reminded me of how great of a vocalist he is. I know @drh3 is probably making bank touring with you and playing guitar/providing backup vocals, but he's just as talented as Javier Colon and more people need to know his name rather than recognizing him on stage behind you...#My2Cents

John Mayer - Shadow Days


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