Tuesday, February 21, 2012

"I Was Born Ready to Fight, Forever and Tonight"

It's been more than a little while since I heard something new come out of the @colinmunroe camp, so you can imagine how sweet it was to hear his new single featuring @pusha_t. No word on what new album this will land on, but where there's a lead single, there has to be an eventual album.

The most noteworthy quality of The Fight of My Life is the serene, Pure Moods quality backdrop that gives the track an otherworldly feeling to it. The energy build up from the mellow verses to the excitable hook is a suitable contrast that is intriguing and does a good job spotlighting Colin's ability as a vocalist. The distorted sample of someone saying "faaaalling" sounds like something @timbaland would do and has done in the past. Although Pusha's verse is attention grabbing off top, I wish his verse was more heavily highlighted. I feel like it's hard to understand what he's saying because the track jumps into his verse and the background claps drown out his vocals.

Still, a very formidable first single from Colin that I will continue to keep in heavy circulation on my weekly iTunes playlist

Colin Monroe feat Pusha T - The Fight of My Life


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