Sunday, February 05, 2012

R&B Rewind: Mateo feat Alicia Keys - Say Its So

Having missed out on posting the track below back in September, I'm seeking redemption today. Back in early December @MATEOONLINE dropped his debut EP titled Love and Stadiums II and Say Its So just so happened to be the first single on the album.

You might be wondering (like I did) what the connection is between Mateo and @aliciakeys/@therealswizzz? Well, Alicia's co-writer/producer Kerry "@krucial" Brothers signed Mateo to his record label Krucial Noise back in September 2010. If you haven't heard the track, you hear the closeness in proximity sound wise to Alicia's music. The mid-tempo instrumental is smooth enough to provide a simple backdrop and get out of the way, letting Mateo shine vocally. Alicia and Swizz's contribution to the track is small, but noticeable as they do little more than inject a few ad-libs to make their presence felt. It's good marketing though, because it makes things easy on bloggers like me who like a little star power to go along with a good story.

On an unrelated note, the sole reason I am watching the Super Bowl tonight is to cheer for side wagers. I dislike both teams involved, but enjoy the city it is being hosted in and wish I could be there. Who says the Super Bowl can't be hosted in cold weather cities? #GotLuckyWithTheWeather

Mateo feat Alicia Keys & Swizz Beats - Say Its So (prod by Krucial)


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