Thursday, February 23, 2012

Gorillaz x LCD Soundsystem x Outkast

I'll put it this way, when blogs start raving about a collaboration three weeks before a track is set to be released, it's probably going to pretty big. Sure it helps to hype it up and reveal mysterious cover art, but I'm not sure I could have imagined a more interesting group of artists getting together on one track. Needless to say, when I learned that the mystery collaboration was going to be @gorillazband, James Murphy of @lcdsoundsystem and Andre 3000 of Outkast, I Googled around for at least 15 minutes (which is an eternity on Google) trying to learn about how in the hell this was happening.

I mean that in a dumbfounded, but in a good way type of tone too because I'm a fan individually of all three of them. I'd even venture to say that between James Murphy and Three Stacks, you've got two of the most independent thinking artist of my time. That means the track has to be better than a chipotle burrito to a hungover college student, right? Huge credit needs to be given to Converse for having the audacity to pull together such an ambitious Molotov of talent on one track, but I like it to combining your three favorite foods together. I mean I like peanut butter, cheese and a good cognac, but would I ever combine those three together? Ummmm...rhetorical doesn't do justice to that statement. Only really awesome thing that came out of this track is Andre's off the chain verse that set the lyrical creativity bar up a notch with his onomatopoeia based display of nonesense tied together nicely ("Asinine ass, and a gorgeous coochie").

It's interesting reading Pitchfork's interview with James Murphy and @damonalbarn of the Gorillaz. From what it sounds like, they really clicked in studio and it all just flowed well together. I honestly wish really badly that I liked the track more, I really do. Oh well, hopefully there's a round two and even if there isn't please lord...let LCD and/or Outkast get back together for one more album. Hell I'll even take a cameo concert from either, I'm not asking for much!...#2012Wishes

Gorillaz ft. James Murphy & Andre 3000 – Do Ya Thing


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