Friday, January 13, 2012

Videos of the Week

Love the shirt above! "I wish a mother fu@%er would say I ain't Hip Hop." Now you may look at the videos below and not recognize too many familiar names or songs, but it's probably one of my favorite Friday video posts in quite a while. For starters, you've got the delightfully country mud/proud redneck fest that is @Yelawolf's Let's Roll video. Coming in right behind that you'll find the @kfuckingp Eastbound and Down Season 3 trailer (coming Feb 19th) and quite possibly the most entertaining Hip Hop artist (@playboytre) going OFF on some dude who decided to hate on his birthday party. If you don't like vulgar, in your face, creative insults delivered in countrayass tone then you should probably skip over that one. In other words, plenty of variety below folks, hope this signifies a fun start to the weekend...#LetsGetDrunk

Yelawolf feat Kid Rock - Let's Roll (Video)

Eastbound and Down Season 3 Trailer

Playboy Tre's Latest Look at This S**t! (Who doesn't like a party?!?!)

Trae feat MDMA Lupe Fiasco Big Boi Wale Wiz Khalifa - I'm On (Remix)(Video)

YG and Nipsey Hussle - The Motto (Remix) (Video)

Tyga - Rack City (Video)


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