Saturday, January 28, 2012

"Angels and Stars, Hear Them on the Radio"

It seems like the theme of the week so far has been multi-talented people who just happened to be Hip Hop artists too. First it was @donaldglover who damn near moves mountains with his acting, writing and rapping career. Then is was @bigkrit who makes just as much of a living producing as he does rapping. Now it's time to get to know @EricTurner who is primarily a math teacher in an English school in Sweden, but is also an accomplished visual artist who just happens to write and perform music too. How did he get his break you ask? Well for starters he impressed an engineer in Sweden while performing with his bang Street Fighting Man. That engineer went and told his producer friend named @iSHi_2Stripes, who happens to have his own record label (2Stripes Music). Ishi must have been impressed because they ended up teaming up to write @tinietempah's #1 single Written in the Stars. You may have even wondered who that guy was belting out the ever so addictive hook on that track?

That my friends is Eric Turner and he's about embark on his own solo gig this year. The first step in that process is the breakthrough single below featuring Tinie Tempah and @lupefiasco with production from his PIC Ishi. The song is called Angels and Stars and is every bit as radio worthy and catchy as Written in the Stars. The track will be released sometime in mid-February and as soon as that iTunes link becomes a reality, you can bet I'll add it to this post. No word yet on what the debut album will be called, but you can bet I'll be posting more than just one track of his if he continues to put in work like he's been doin'. Consider this a warning shot before you begin hearing the track below every fifth song on top 40 radio...#BetDat

Eric Turner feat. Lupe Fiasco & Tinie Tempah - Angels & Stars (prod by Ishi)


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