Saturday, January 14, 2012

The Div Pac Heat Like It's Their Job

Now that I've posted damn near every track off @itsPacDiv's newest release(The Div), I suppose it would be appropriate for me to pick a favorite track on the album. It was a tough choice and ended up being a push between the No I.D. produced Greatness and the track below, Top Down. To be completely honest, it's a mood dependent choice between the two tracks. If I'm in the mood for an uplifting, inspirational joint, I go with Greatness, otherwise I stick with the more traditional, big bass, quick wit rhymes of Top Down.

The only real takeaway from this post should be that Pac Div continues to be one of the best Hip Hop groups out that more people need to know about and appreciate. Shout out to @caseyveggies and @skeme on the features and @swiffd on the beat. The names may seem foreign now, but they've got just as much of a stake in the game as a lot of other over-rated muh fuggas that are coveted and sell more than their music would suggest. Can I get a hashtag truth?? #TRUTH

Pac Div feat Casey Veggies & Skeme - Top Down (prod by Swiff D)


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