Sunday, January 08, 2012

The Good Doctor Pays T.I. a Visit

A couple of weeks ago there were rumors floating around that @tip was in studio with @drdre. I'll admit it, when I first heard the news, I was pretty excited because it was like getting to see one of the best players getting to work with one of the best coaches. On top of that, they have two very different sounds, so meshing them together on a track was intriguing to me.

What ended up coming out on Popped Off was a middle of the road, mellow track. It was cool hearing Dr Dre on the mic again and you could hear his influence on the sound of the beat. Could it have been better and done a better job of living up to the massive expectations of such a heavyweight collab? Probably...but the Heat didn't win a title last year if you catch my drift (but they'll win it this year). In other words, watch out for a follow up track as their chemistry develops in working together.

Really doe, anybody else catch that throat babies like T.I. dropped on the last verse? Gotta love a little vulgar creativity...#SayYesToThroatBabies

T.I. feat Dr Dre - Popped Off (prod by Dr Dre)

Again, if you haven't heard Tip's new mixtape, feel free and stream or download below...


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