Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Sammy Adams is Taking on the World

Up to this point, I've made a concerted effort to try and get my hands on anything @SammyAdams has released. Why you may ask? Songs like Driving Me Crazy, his Deadmau5 cover of Some Chords or even his track Comin' Up. Keepin' it 100, I've had a hard time differentiating him from Mac Miller, but that's not a bad thing because Mac has taken off this year. What I like better about Sammy is that he brings the heat when it comes to uptempo party music. Need an example? Look no further than his latest track below, Take the World. It's got an engaging, electronic beat that's pretty easy to wild out to. Put it this way, as soon as the hook comes in, you're either going to turn it down because it's a little too intense or you're going to turn it up and rock the f word out.

The track below surfaced on his "pre-album" mixtape titled Into the Wild that dropped on New Years Eve. Found it pretty cool because the tape was posted by @deejayillwill to Hot New Hip Hop, which lends even more credibility. Sort of like finding low hanging fruit at the club around 2 AM, Ill Will knows where the good new music lives. As far as the real album, no idea when it's set to drop, but I'm happy giving his pre-album tape a few spins in the meantime. I'd suggest you do the same and rep Cambridge, Massachusetts in the process...#SamAdamsIsntJustGoodBeer

Sammy Adams - Take the World (prod by JOB)

Feel free to stream the mixtape below if you're not sure yet if you wanna cop it above. Sampling always helps those who are stingy with the storage...#NewSchoolInternetProverb


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