Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Hip Hop That is Made for a Lunchbox

Man it seems like a really long time since we've heard anything new from @DONNISMUSIC. If you're paying close attention, April 2011 was the last time he released new music via his under-rated mixtape titled Southern Lights. Good news is, he's not going to let that happen in 2012 and to start with he's releasing a three-week-long series will each include two new songs via Snack Pack mini-mixtape/zips.

To start with, check the partial video for his newest track, Hoes. My only question is where is the full version? Kinda strange to get a snippet video version of a mixtape track? #JustSayin

Hoes (Directed by Hi 5 Collective)

Anyways, my pick between the two tracks below is Gimme. The track is produced by @GODSPAPARAZZI and features @bsbdmusic. Until now I hadn't really heard of Blue Sky Black Death, but they're a young production duo out of Seattle. Always fun to learn about new up and comers, especially when they are a part of a noteworthy track. I'll put it this way, you'll listen to Gimme and the hook will stick to you like glue. There's something about the sweet melody that hits just right with the mellow vibe of the track.

On Bad as She Wanna Be, Donnis takes on more of his traditional role of talkin' shit on the mic and weaving together swagger laced one liners. I can see why a lot of others would pick this one as her favorite because of the repeat-ability and top notch verses with memorable bars like "Siri couldn't find her in a f'in pathfinder with a compass." Can't go wrong with either track below or his new song Hoes, which means Donnis is off to a quick start in 2012. #HeadsUpForVol2

Donnis - Gimme (prod by Gods Paparazzi)

Donnis - Bad as She Wanna Be (prod by Gods Paparazzi)


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