Wednesday, January 04, 2012

"I’m in a Hot Wheel and I’m Driving Real Fast"

After a few more listens to @tip's new mixtape, I may have settled on a favorite track. Whether it be a mixtape or studio album, a common practice seems to put an intro followed by two of the best album or mixtape's top singles at tracks #2 and #3. Knowing that I naturally gravitate toward the "first impression singles" in those top 3 slots...especially when I see it features @IAmTravisPorter, @DROPOLO and @producertminus on the beat like Hot Wheels does.

The track is every bit authentic Southern trap Hip Hop with every verse marked by exaggerated southern drawls. Add to it a catchy as hell upbeat instrumental and you've got a great follow up track to the hyped up title track with Jeezy. I'm pretty sure every media outlet has leaked and posted that track already, so I'm sticking to the off the beaten path tracks that you might miss even if you check the internet daily for new music like me. It's what small time bloggers like me gotta do to differentiate from the Hip Hop blog heavyweights that have a staff and budget rather than a one man army like my own little piece of Hip Hop real estate on the internet...#InternetRealEstateWins

If you haven't already, please do yourself a favor and cop the mixtape at one of my favorite mixtape outlets here, here or even here if you want to get straight to the point. It's free on all three links, which is just part of the awesomness of Hip Hop...#FreeWinsInTheLongRun

T.I. feat Travis Porter Young Dro - Hot Wheels (prod by T-Minus)


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