Tuesday, January 03, 2012

"Yea I Make it Rain Dear, Cause I’m All About My Bucks"

I've tried my best to maintain a wait and see approach with @tyga as we all patiently await his debut album, Careless World: Rise of the Last King. The album is scheduled to drop January 24th and the track below, Faded is already the fourth single to be released off the album. First it was Far Away, then Still Got It with @drake, followed by the club banger Rack City. Sounds like a hell of start to an album right? Well it gets better...

Taking a look at the confirmed tracks that will be included on the album, I see two @smokedoutluger tracks to go with @boi1da, @COOLANDDRE, @producertminus and @kanebeatz tracks. Did I mention none of the four singles above are produced by any of the five producers I just mentioned in the sentence above? Yep, that's called hype and I'm buying in on the hype because I see a lot of producers I really like that are chipping in on the album. In other words, I'm not sure if he can screw up that kind of a head start, especially when he's already cashed in four solid singles.

As an aside, I like how Tyga adopted the Young Money style of constant in your face one liners too. @liltunchi does it better than anyone and you'll notice that the verses on Faded are as unapologetic as they come. Maybe it's a way to keep people listening? Whatever it is, I find myself trying to pick out witty one liners, which keeps me listening. Sure the lines are silly, nonsensical rhetoric that sometimes tell a story that resembles an artist splattering paint on a canvas, but the fast pace and creativity is interesting to me. In other words, don't get hung up on the words...instead, appreciate the way some artists can weave together words, sounds and rhymes that neither you nor I could or would have thought of...#FoodForThought

Tyga feat Lil Wayne - Faded (prod by Dnyc3)


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