Wednesday, January 25, 2012

"Rise of the Black Kings, Lions and the Pharaohs"

The internet does not know much about @sunnicolon, but that won't stop me from giving him a shout out and posting one of his tracks. The cool thing is, if you're wanting to get to know him feel free and ask him a question on his website. In fact, recently he was asked who his top five favorite rappers are. In no particular order, he listed "Andre 3000, Phonte, Nas, Method Man, and Jay Z." Can't say I could offer a compelling argument to disclude any of those five, but I probably would have an entirely different list...#ToEachTheirOwn

Anyways before I go any further, I feel like it'd be a good move on your part to press play below and check out the visual version of Sunni's track Lost Tribe...

The march worthy pace of the percussion is hard to ignore and it gives the track an inspirational feel. Stylistically you could probably cut and paste Kanye with Sunni and not notice a change, which is pretty cool. Who needs a hook when you can go bar after bar for a full three minutes spitting not so subtly about various race issues. If I were a betting man, I'd feel comfortable putting my money on someone with the propensity for lyrical depth like Sunni is capable of. The sheer fact that he lists the items below to describe himself, leads me to believe there's some serious potential bubbling below the horizon.

Keep the newness comin' Sunni, I like what I'm hearing so far...

Sunni Colon - Lost Tribe


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