Monday, January 02, 2012

T.I.'s New Mixtape is Studio Album Quality

No matter what field you're in or who you interact with, it's universally known that making a first impression can go a long ways. After one lap around @tip's F*uck Da City Up album mixtape that dropped today, it's pretty clear he wants to make the first big Hip Hop statement in 2012. I'm a firm believer that production is the key to success in Hip Hop, so you could imagine what I thought when I saw that T.I. hooked up with legendary beatmakers on the mixtape like @DRDRE, @djtoomp, @producertminus, @manniefresh, @HitBoy_SC and to top it off, @JustBlaze. It's hard to get one single from one of those producers on an album, let alone a whole free mixtape worth.

For starters I'm posting a track that may get overshadowed by other high profile collabos on the mixtape like the title track he did with Jeezy. The track below, Oh Yeah, is low key track stashed at the back of the mixtape with @TreySongz on the hook and @JustBlaze on the beat. It's got a feel good vibe to it and gives plenty of room for T.I. to show off a little lyrical vitality on the mic. Somehow the Megatron Don always seems to concoct inspirational beats with his use of strings on every beat. While Oh Yeah won't exactly make you jump out of your seat like other beats he's done, it's sufficiently head nod worthy and a standout track on a mixtape that would put some of the best studio album releases in 2011 to shame. Something tells me I'll be posting a lot of favorites from this mixtape this week...#KeepItLocked

T.I. feat Trey Songz - Oh Yeah (prod by Just Blaze)

Bonus: Feel free to stream the whole mixtape below or download it from the link below off datpiff...


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