Saturday, January 07, 2012

"Bitch You Wasn’t With Me Shooting in the Gym"

Just when @tip was starting to get all the love with his newest mixtape, here comes the Don of Dade county with his own high profile mixtape. Yesterday at 3:05 @rickyrozay's Rich Forever mixtape dropped on Naturally, I gravitated toward the @drake track, but what I found weird is that the mixtape was simultaneously released with the video of Stay Scemin'. That means not only did the track not leak before the mixtape dropped (rare), but the video came along with it (even rarer).

To begin with, shouts out to @THEBEATBULLY for putting together the instrumental on the track. I mention that first because it was the basis for why this track is dope. Even though it's on Ross's tape, it still comes off as more of a Drake track because Rick's verse is so short and his role is primarily to come in with the hook. With all the buzz surrounding the potential of @FrencHMonTanA, his verse to me was as forgettable as they come. It's an unenviable task following Drake's verse on a track, but when you go from a well thought out, coherent verse (Drake) to random nonsense about the feds and people in jail, it's noticeable.

Still a solid effort on the track all around, so be sure and cop Rich Forever, which is again, free for all because Hip Hop is badass and Hip Hop artists fully understand what can be gained from releasing free music...#GetWithTheProgramEveryoneElse

Rick Ross feat Drake & French Montana - Stay Schemin' (prod by The Beat Bully)


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