Tuesday, April 05, 2011

"You're One Nasty Girl, You're a Nasty Girl"

There are a few things in life you can count on, death, taxes, Butler getting second place and @PLANETPIT producing high quality club tracks. Add this one to the never ending pile with Armando Christian Perez unleashing an uber seductive, fast paced assault with the help of @wyntermusic. To be completely honest, I'm so pumped about this track because it came at the height of my cardio today and took me to the next level energy wise, which was much needed considering the dreadful circumstances surrounding my trek back from Cali last weekend. Jet lag...fine, but an "Operations Delay" because United airlines can't get their shit together didn't have a crew, then didn't have a plane and then had to make one of its flights double back after taking off from our gate...not cool. Yea that's right United, y'all are gettin' aired out cause I didn't appreciate havin' to land at 2:50 AM when I'm already losing 3 hours of daylight and had to be at work at 9 AM.

So considering my continuing malcontent due to lack of sleep, the extra pick me up this song provided at the gym today was much appreciated. Presumably this track will be off his upcoming album Planet Pit due out June 14th, keeping up his one album per year streak he's got goin' on. Like I said, dancefloor/cardio music, Pitbull is the man when it comes to both...

Pitbull feat Wynter Gordon - Nasty Girl


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