Monday, April 11, 2011

Top April Song: DJ Drama ft. Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous & Roscoe Dash - Oh My (prod. by Drumma Boy)

If there's such a thing as slow club Hip Hop, @iamdrumma has mastered that sound. If you're wondering what the hell I'm talking about press play below...

Yea that's that ish that folks wild out to at the clubs and more recently, in between sets at every concert I've been to the past 4 months or so. Supposedly the first single off @djdrama's upcoming Gangsta Grillz 3 album, due out sometime in 2011, the track is so felony dope, like get sent upstate for like a 10 to 20 type of dope. Not only is the beat a heavy, rolling 808 masterpiece, it includes verses from two of my favorites @MYFABOLOUSLIFE and @RealWizKhalifa. Fab's whole verse deserves to be put on blast so follow below as you press play...
"I got one in Miami, she mean with a mouth piece
She like LeBron, I’m taking my talents down the south
Pineapple to chase it, go on girl just chase it
All we drink is my shit, coco loso wasted
Love that lil waist shit, damn them hips just sit out
Now I see who all these hating girls be talkin’ shit bout
From the front looking like she got some ass probably
They say that’s a sign girl ass-trology
Tight denim with them little rips in ‘em
Wait in line jeans, take a minute to get in ‘em
BBD say you poisen well I want some of that venom girl, girl" - FAB
In Hip Hop there's like Drake, Fab and Wayne type of lyrical creativity, then there's the rest (Honorable mention to Royce 5'9" and Joe Budden). So many repeatable, witty one lines scattered throughout each and every verse...if I had a style as a lyricist, I would strive to reach the creative and intellectual heights he does on his verses.

Pretty cool video below of Wiz dropping his verse below in a makeshift studio (props to Decatur Dan). Believe it or not this is actually how tracks are pieced together these days, all cut and paste style on the verses. Kinda cool how it works so seamlessly, right?

I'm adding this to new Josh HAMilton mix I created, powerful and beats in the (upper) deck...

DJ Drama ft. Wiz Khalifa, Fabolous & Roscoe Dash - Oh My (prod. by Drumma Boy)


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