Friday, April 22, 2011

"Chillin' Chillin' Chillin' in a Penthouse"

Like I alluded to about a week ago when I spoke of complete and utter disappointment when @donnisxdonnis's set got capped at the knees by the powers that be at Theater of the Dying Arts in Philly. I wish I woulda gotten to hear Donnis perform more than two songs from Southern Lights because it's got a few hidden gems in there if you give it a devoted listen. The track below is one of them and might be in contention for top pick on the mixtape with Me & My Boo.

The staggered, electronic sample on the hook mixed with the club bass is what drew me into this tracks. Daps & lbs are in order for @thecataracs who did the beat and did it well. I'm excited they're getting a chance to open for @UsherRaymondIV on tour. Definitely second guessing balking at seeing Ursher and Akon light it up onstage now that they're joining the tour.

Still ya boy Donnis shines on this one, calmly spittin' his southern slang all over the track. Even though my favorite tracks off Southern Lights can't even touch his best work on Fashionably Late, y'all should still give it a good listen because it's growing on me by the day. Also, if you're wondering what his favorites on the mixtape were, check out his recent interview with The Source.
Donnis - Penthouse Suite (prod by The Cataracs)


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